Artist’s Statement: “I have always been excited  about my photography and finding the hidden qualities and beautiful essences of my subjects.  I hope you will enjoy the portrayals shown on this web site.”


Edward has been a photographer for many years as an avid amateur and eventually,  professional photographer.  His  photography is a combination of fine arts depicting landscapes; seascapes; portraits; and with his affiliate partnership business: group photography for dance and sports.

Edward’s work has been exhibited at a number of Western Massachusetts area venues and galleries and at the Southern Vermont Art Center in Manchester, Vermont.  He is also a member of the Hilltown Artisans Guild and presently the organization’s director devoted to promoting all of the arts.

Edward’s studio and equipment include Nikon digital cameras, computer editing software including CS, Photoshop and Lightroom; and an Epson 3800 professional printer.  He also provides Giclee printing for photographers and artists.  

He resides in the small Western Massachusetts town of Worthington, a very scenic area at the foothills of the Berkshires.  He and his wife, Helen, operate a video production and photography business under the name of Berkshire Hills Productions.
He can be contacted at his affiliate business at: 413 238 4418.